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ONE-TO-ONE YOGA, private lessons, might suit you because the flexibility fits your schedule, because it offers the opportunity to start a practice at your own pace and to learn the basics before joining a group class, or perhaps you are returning from a break or recovering from injury.  Perhaps you are needing some advice as to how to adapt your existing practice, for example when you are pregnant or perimenopausal.  It could be that there is an area or challenge you would like to explore in more depth.  If you are looking for more personal input from your teacher and the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship, one-to-one could work for you.  

Welcome to book a one-off session or to schedule regular appointments.

VINYASA is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to move or place the body in a particular way, step by step.’  


Group classes offer an alternative to individual practice.   You will be guided through an inspirational practice grounded in healthy movement patterns.  Expect to breathe, sweat and smile as you move through flowing sequences to mobilise, strengthen, warm and open body and mind, heart and soul, creating a meditative dance to the music of the breath and leading from motion to a profound and peaceful stillness.


There is a joy in moving together - in person or online - and everyone is welcome. Classes include practices drawn from all eight limbs of Patanjali's yoga to inform and support the development of an awareness, presence and clarity to take with you into daily life.



Currently teaching live group classes online, details here.

Private groups and individuals by appointment online or in the studio.

RESTORATIVE YOGA is a gentle exploration of rest and renewal, using simple exercises to mobilise joints through full range of movement, supported poses to create space and release muscular tension, breathing techniques and guided relaxation.


Restorative yoga poses help us develop the ability to relax deeply and completely; offering beneficial effects for all the physiological systems of the body.  Some of the results may include better regulated blood pressure, more efficient breathing, blood circulation, digestion, improved reproductive functioning, mobility; more comfort, less muscle tension and pain, lowered incidence of insomnia and generalised fatigue; overall better management of stress, anxiety and confusion and an increased sense of health and wellbeing.  In our busy lives, it is important to give ourselves the time and space to really rest, hence the growing popularity of this gentle form of yoga.

Currently teaching live group classes online, details here.

Private groups and individuals by appointment online or in the studio.

YOGA NIDRA is a practice where you will be guided into deep relaxation and may choose to move into a closer relationship with your own intuitive state, to 'come home to yourself'.

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